This industry association undertakes a project required in order to aim at healthy development of crystal device industry, and it aims at contributing to improvement in the rich life of the people while it secures and has an opportunity of these fair economic activities and contributes to development of national economy.

The following projects are carried out in this association.


  1. Investigation and research of the production about a crystal device, circulation, etc.
  2. Technical investigation and technical research on a crystal device
  3. Collection and offer of the information about a crystal device, or data
  4. Spread and education about a crystal device
  5. Planning and promotion of the standardization about a crystal device, and a standard
  6. Exchange and cooperation with the inside-and-outside organs concerned about a crystal device
  7. The project accompanying the above-mentioned projects


In August, 2013, we donated the development material in connection with crystal which are centering on the literature in connection with Dr. Koga Issaku, to Tokyo Institute of Technology. There are kept and managed by the Tokyo Tech Museum and Archives. For details, please check the list below.