Sep. 1948 The "Crystal Industry Association" start.
Apr. 1979 The "Crystal Industry Association" dismissal.
The "National Crystal Oscillator Industrial Guild" establishment (47 companies).
The bureau installation (at Akasaka).
The bulletin "Crystal News" publication start.
Jun. 1980 The bulletin "Crystal News" is retitled in "QIAJ News."
The marketing research report first publication.
Dec. 1991 The booklet "Explanation and Application of the Crystal Device" publication start (the every revision in 5 years).
May 1994 The "National Crystal Oscillator Industrial Guild" dismissal.
The "Quartz Crystal Industry Association of Japan" establishment (47 companies).
The bulletin "QIAJ News" is retitled in "Crystal Device".
Jul. 1995 The bureau transfer (from Akasaka to Shinjuku).
Aug. 2004 The publication of "Crystal Device" consecutive number of volume No.100 commemoration and special issue.
Oct. 2004 The opening start of "trend explanation meeting of crystal device" for the outside (2 times per year; Spring and Autumn).
Dec. 2005 Homepage establishment.
Jul. 2008 The compliance committee was established.
Aug. 2013 The bureau transfer (from Shinjuku to Takadanobaba).